During this trip we have experienced some firsts: tolls and fireflies. In Washington State you can easily get around without paying tolls. In fact, we only have one highway that you must pay to use. So, when we arrived in Illinois we weren’t quite prepared for all the toll fees we were going to have to pay. We were shocked at the end of the first day when we had paid a total of $150 to get to Ohio. Luckily, we had enough cash on us to cover them since most were cash only.
When we arrived in Ohio (our wallets $150 lighter), we set up and took Max for a walk. At this point the sun had set and the fireflies were out. The pond at the campground had hundreds of fireflies flying over it. It looked like fireworks going off over the water. Brian and I just stood there and watched them for several minutes in awe. In that moment I was reminder of what this trip is all about- seeing this beautiful country and God’s creation. I would say it was worth the $150.

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