Meet Brian & Becky

We have been married for 28 years and have been blessed to live the adventure together.  We have travelled and lived outside the US for extended periods and have dragged our two kids with us.  Our kids, Caleb and Chloe, have grown up to be spontaneous and full of adventure, which we like to think was instilled by our example.

Brian has worked for technology companies for the past 25+ years and has been a geek at heart for a very long time.  He is currently working in an executive role at a consultancy.  His work can be flexible and our latest grand experiment is to see if working and living in an RV doing this type of job will work through the summers.

Becky is a educator and has worked off and on in this field for 20+ years.  Taking time off when needed to be pulled around moving for Brian’s job and also raising two great kids.  Currently Becky is a elementary school teacher.